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The mission of the Elks National Foundation is to help Elks build stronger communities. We fulfill this pledge by investing in communities where Elks live and work. We provide tomorrow's leaders, our youth, with lifelong skills; honor the Elks pledge to never forget our veterans; help the state Elks associations accomplish their charitable objectives and fund projects that improve the quality of life in local Elks communities.
Like all Elks, the Foundation values the belief that charity is the greatest of all virtues and that by sharing and giving we have the power to replace sorrow and despair with hope and confidence. Donations to the Foundation help us fund programs that match our cornerstone values of knowledge, integrity and community.
Since inception, the ENF has contributed more than $324.6 million toward Elks' charitable projects nationwide. These funds enable programs that support youth, honor veterans, and meet needs in areas where Elks live and work. Our programs continue to grow each year, allowing Elks to do even more to build stronger communities.
This year, the ENF will invest a record $8.5 million in Elks communities through Community Investments Program grants for Elks Lodges. Community Investments Program grants—which include Beacon, Gratitude, Promise and Impact grants—offer your Lodge an opportunity to serve your community in ways that will raise the Lodge’s profile, energize the membership, encourage former members to return to the fold, and gain the notice of people who want to be part of an organization that’s doing great things.

Other News

Martinsville 1752 Uses ENF Grant to Fund Boy Scout Program; 9/4/2017

Danville 227 Uses ENF Beacon Grant to Help Homeless Shelter; 9/3/2017

Bev Hamby Offers ENF "Pulse" to VEA Members for Information; 8/16/2017

Bedford 2844 Uses ENF Grant to Support Local Organizations; 8/9/2017

"Do Good Things Together" Video; 7/28/2017

Bev and Barb Note: Remember, Freedom Grants Close July 31! ; 7/26/2017

Front Royal 2382 Uses ENF Grant to Feed Seniors and Veterans; 7/4/2017

WV ENF Grant Coordinator David Webster's Note on ENF Grants; 7/1/2017

Virginia Legacy Scholarship Award Winners Announced by ENF; 6/1/2017

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 to Take 15 Little Leaguers to Camp; 5/7/2017

Petersburg 237 Uses ENF Grant for Food Baskets, Dictionaries; 5/1/2017

Bev Hamby Note to 2017-2018 ENF Fundraising Chairs; 4/28/2017

Front Royal 2382 Uses ENF Grant for Community Programs; 4/24/2017

ENF Coordinator Barbara Monger: “Apply for a Beacon Grant!!” ; 3/23/2017

Bev Hamby Reminder of Upcoming 2017 ENF Deadlines ; 3/1/2017

Bev Hamby Note on Additional Freedom Grants for 2017-2018 ; 2/24/2017

Staunton 351 Uses ENF Grant for a Warm Christmas for Kids ; 12/16/2016

Charlottesville 389 Holds "Hamburger Steak Night" for ENF; 10/17/2016

SE Elks Promote ENF Scholarships at Virginia Wesleyan College; 9/21/2016

Hampton 366 Uses ENF Grant to Buy K9 Vests for Hampton PD; 8/10/2016

Bev Hamby Note: Print and Save this ENF Grant Calendar!; 6/26/2016

Virginia 2016 ENF Legacy Scholarship Winners; 5/25/2016

Staunton 351's ENF Grant Warms Children's Bodies (and Hearts); 5/15/2016

Woodbridge 2355 Takes Veterans and Seniors to Atlantic City; 11/13/2015

Ted Hess Letter to Virginia Beach 2268 on ENF Giving; 4/27/2016

Bev Hamby Note to all ENF Loyalty Club Members; 2/10/2016

Bev Hamby Note on ENF Giving for the 2015-2016 ENF Year; 1/9/2016

ENF Director Jim O’Kelley to Speak at VEA Training March 5; 1/5/2016

Charlottesville 389 Holds "Hamburger Steak Night" for ENF; 11/12/2015

Harrisonburg 450 Takes Big Brothers Big Sisters on DC Trip; 11/7/2015

Bev Hamby Note on 2015-2016 ENF Gratitude Grants; 10/30/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Steps Up for Down Syndrome; 10/30/2015

Charlottesville 389 Gives Food to Local Food Bank; 10/16/2015

Petersburg 237 Gives Supplies to Schools via ENF Beacon Grant; 10/16/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Gives Start-Up Kits to Homeless Vets; 9/10/2015

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Supplies Reagan USO Twice in August; 9/10/2015

Bev Hamby Note to ENF Fundraising Chairs, September, 2015; 9/10/2015

Bedford 2844 Shares Gratitude Grant with Community; 9/9/2015

Danville 227 Gives Over 1000 Safety Glasses to Area Schools; 8/27/2015

Danville 227 Prepares Emergency Food Boxes for Salvation Army; 8/27/2015

Staunton 351 Uses ENF Grant to Buy Tools for Veteran Students; 8/27/2015

Lynchburg 321 Helps Salvation Army with "Back to School"; 8/26/2015

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 Holds Baseball Camp with ENF Grant; 8/16/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Holds Bacon Appetizer Contest for ENF; 8/12/2015

Note from Bev Hamby: CIP Final Report Forms Due 8-31-2015; 8/6/2015

Danville 227 Feeds Veterans at Local CBOC on July 30; 8/6/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Holds Novel "Spam" Contest to fund ENF; 7/30/2015

Lodge 82 and Lodge 2268 Hold Joint Fishing Trip for Veterans; 7/19/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Donates Supplies to StandUp for Kids; 7/18/2015

Bev Hamby Note on ENF and GER Ron Hicks' ENF Per-Capita Goal; 7/15/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 and VFW 392 Feed Wounded Warriors; 7/15/2015

Bev Hamby Reminder to View Promise Grant Webinar 7-15-15; 7/12/2015

Martinsville 1752 Helps With Area Schools After Prom Events; 7/3/2015

Lynchburg 321 Holds Easter Party for Salvation Army Children; 6/27/2015

Bev Hamby Note to Remember to Apply for ENF Grants on 7-1; 6/25/2015

Bev Hamby Note on ENF Impact Grant Applications and Webinars; 6/18/2015

Bev Hamby Note on ENF Grants Kickoff Webinar June 11; 6/7/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Fixes Goodie Bags for Returning Sailors; 6/7/2015

Woodbridge 2355 News of Recent Spring 2015 Events; 6/7/2015

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Delivers Food to Reagan USO in May; 6/3/2015

Onancock 1766 is Busy with Spring Activities; 5/20/2015

Danville 227 Feeds Veterans at Local VA CBOC; 5/14/2015

Martinsville 1752 Held its Annual Fishing Rodeo May 9; 5/13/2015

Bev Hamby Note that Deadline for Gratitude Grants is 5-31!; 5/10/2015

Front Royal 2382 Delivers Food to 20 Families with ENF Grant; 5/10/2015

Onancock 1766 Community Service News and Events; 4/28/2015

ENF Trustees Honor Bonnie Shoemaker for Contributions; 4/22/2015

Loudoun 2406 Donates Trailer to Young Marines Unit; 4/20/2015

Bev Hamby Note to ENF Chairs: You Must Re-Register Annually! ; 3/31/2015

Hampton 366 Gives Books to Local School for Second Year; 3/20/2015

Front Royal 2382 "Turns up the Heat" at Local VAMC; 3/17/2015

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Gives Backpack Lunches to Local School; 3/9/2015

ENF Reminder: Deadline for 2014-2015 Donations is March 31; 3/5/2015

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Delivers to Reagan USO in February; 3/3/2015

Waynesboro 2270 Mourns for PER Glen E. Early; 2/24/2015

Danville 227 Serves Brunswick Stew to Veterans at Local CBOC; 2/22/2015

Petersburg 237 does "Back to School with an Elk" at Schools; 2/22/2015

Bev Hamby Note from Jim O'Kelley on 2016 ENF Grant Funding; 2/19/2015

Virginia Beach 2268 Uses ENF Promise Grant to aid Area Youth; 2/17/2015

Loudoun 2406 Holds Chili Cook-Off, Raises $255 for ENF; 1/30/2015

Petersburg 237 News and Photos of Recent Events; 1/24/2015

Bev Hamby Note on Important 2015 ENF Dates; 1/2/2015

Front Royal 2382, Local Police, Team for Christmas for Needy; 12/27/2014

Hampton 366 Holds Christmas Party for Special Needs Children; 12/19/2014

Petersburg 237 Prepares 24 Christmas Baskets Dec 13; 12/19/2014

Staunton 351 Provides Winter Clothing to Local Children; 12/17/2014

Woodbridge 2355 News of Recent Lodge Activities; 12/17/2014

Charlottesville 389 Provides Over 100 Holiday Food Baskets; 12/14/2014

Martinsville 1752 Holds Christmas Party at Salem VAMC; 12/6/2014

Bev Hamby's Note on Other Ways to Give to ENF; 11/19/2014

Bev Hamby Veterans Day Letter to the VEA; 11/11/2014

Bev Hamby Offers "November ENFrontline" for Your ENF Program; 11/9/2014

Front Royal 2382 Uses ENF Grant to Fund Area Youth Needs; 11/5/2014

Front Royal 2382 Gives Checks, Certificate at ENF Breakfast; 11/3/2014

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Makes Supply Run to Reagan USO 10-24; 10/27/2014

Petersburg 237 Distributes ENF MVS Info to Area High Schools; 10/24/2014

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Awarded Freedom Grant; 10/17/2014

State Sponsor Ted Hess Congratulates Freedom Grant Winners; 10/17/2014

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Gives Dictionaries to Third Graders; 10/10/2014

Bev Hamby Note to District and Lodge ENF Fundraising Chairs; 10/8/2014

Virginia Beach 2268 and Elroy and Friends do a Truck Pull; 9/21/2014

Virginia Beach 2268 and Elroy at Mid Atlantic Car Show; 9/21/2014

ENF CIP Grants Bootcamp Webinar Scheduled for September 17; 9/11/2014

Note from Teri Linardich; Promise Grants are Going Fast! ; 9/6/2014

Letter from Teri Linardich, ENF Grant Coordinator; 9/3/2014

Ted Hess Letter to Teri Linardich as ENF Grants Coordinator; 8/6/2014

Lynchburg 321 Helps Local Organizations with Gratitude Grant; 8/3/2014

ENF Grants are Available! Don't Lose Out!; 8/1/2014

Staunton 351 Helps Veteran-Students at BRCC with ENF Grant; 7/9/2014

Virginia Beach 2268 Don A. Williams Memorial Golf Tournament; 7/8/2014

ENF Notes and Dates from Bev Hamby; 7/1/2014

Front Royal 2382 Uses ENF to Give Food to Local Families; 6/7/2014

Bedford 2844's Tim Childress Cited for ENF Participation; 6/5/2014

Ted Hess Letter to Virginia Beach 2268 on ENF Per Capita; 6/3/2014

VEA Congratulates These ENF Loyalty Club Members; 6/1/2014

VEA Congratulates These ENF Fidelity Club Members; 6/1/2014

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 Serves Meal to Roc Solid Volunteers ; 5/18/2014

Lynchburg 321 Provides Easter for Salvation Army Residents; 4/22/2014

Virginia Beach 2268 Cleans Up for Edmarc Hospice April 13; 4/20/2014

Clifton Forge 1065 Holds Kids Fishing Day March 22; 4/13/2014

Note from Bev Hamby Be Sure to Donate to ENF by March 31!; 3/27/2014

Bev Hamby: ENF Beacon Grant Application Deadline is 3-31-14; 2/26/2014

Front Royal 2382 Puts ENF Gratitude Grant to Good Use; 2/26/2014

Loudoun 2406 Holds Chili Cook-Off for ENF; 2/24/2014

Note from Bev Hamby on ENF Beacon Grants; 1/23/2014

ENF Legacy Awards Deadline Fast Approaching; 1/17/2014

Front Royal 2382 Takes 16 Children Christmas Shopping ; 12/23/2013

ENF Loyalty Club, 2013; 12/11/2013

Lynchburg 321 Announces Holiday Events; 12/11/2013

Martinsville 1752 Supports Veterans with Gifts and Food; 12/8/2013

Staunton 351's "Operation Cover-Up" Gives Clothes to Youth; 11/23/2013

State Sponsor Ted Hess Lauds 3 VB 2268 Members with Letters; 10/23/2013

Note from Bev Hamby on ENF Fidelity Club; 10/2/2013

Recent Elks "Giving Back" TV Documentary; 9/19/2013

Note from Bev Hamby: There are only 80 Promise Grants left!; 9/8/2013

Virginia Beach 2268's ENF CIP Project Manager Teri Linardich; 9/6/2013

Charlottesville 389 to Raffle Signed Ryan Zimmerman Jersey; 9/3/2013

Note from Bev Hamby on ENF Poster and Dates to Remember; 8/27/2013

Bedford 2844 Recognizes Long Term ENF Benefactors; 8/21/2013

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 Holds Baseball Camp August 14; 8/16/2013

Charlottesville 389 Hosts Free Swimming Lessons for Youth; 8/15/2013

Note from Bev Hamby on ENF Lodge Grants; 8/2/2013

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 Holds Youth Summer Carnival; 7/30/2013

Danville 227 Uses Gratitude Grant in Good Works in Community; 7/25/2013

Arlington-Fairfax 2188 to Hold Summer Carnival July 28; 7/24/2013

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 Treats Veterans to Fishing Trip; 7/21/2013

Virginia Beach 2268 Honored in GL Convention News; 7/16/2013

Note from ENF on 2013-2014 Promise Grants; 7/9/2013

Bedford 2844 Helps Eight Organizations with ENF Grant; 7/8/2013

Martinsville 1752 Uses ENF Grant to Give $2000 to Boy Scouts; 7/6/2013

Virginia Beach 2268 Holds Community Day June 29; 7/4/2013

Bev Hamby Note on ENF Promise Grants; 7/4/2013

ENF News from Bev Hamby; 6/24/2013

Virginia Beach 2268 to Hold Community Day June 29; 6/20/2013

Virginia Beach 2268 Holds Drug Awareness Pizza Party; 6/18/2013

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 to hold Fishing Trips for Vets; 6/7/2013

Clifton Forge 1065 Holds Bingo for Special Olympics; 6/4/2013

Charlottesville 389 Uses ENF Grant to Host Free Swim Lessons; 5/20/2013

Front Royal 2382 Uses ENF Beacon Grant to Feed Seniors; 5/17/2013

Bev Hamby's Reminder of Important 2013 ENF Dates; 4/20/2013

Bev Hamby: ENF Chairs Must Register with GL Yearly!; 4/11/2013

Fredericksburg 875 to have Movie Night for ENF; 3/27/2013

Bev Hamby: Remember the ENF For Year End Tax Donations ; 12/19/2012

Catch this Showing of ENF's Video, "Giving Back," on TV ; 12/11/2012

ENF Grant Final Report Forms Reminder from Bev Hamby; 8/8/2012

ENF News on Promise Grants from Bev Hamby; 7/10/2012

Portsmouth-Chesapeake 82 Holds Crab Feast for ENF, 6-23-12; 6/24/2012

Last Call for ENF Gratitude Grants ; 5/16/2012

Virginia ENF Legacy Scholarship Winners for 2012; 5/10/2012

ENF Year End Info from Bev Hamby; 5/9/2012

ENF Per Capita Standings Virginia 3-31-12; 4/12/2012

ENF Per Capita Standings Virginia 3-11-12; 3/21/2012

ENF Announces CIP Photo Contest; 3/21/2012

ENF Per Capita Standings, Virginia, 2-29-12; 3/14/2012

ENF Per Capita Standings, Virginia 2-15-12; 2/27/2012

Bedford 2844 ENF Chairman Charles Oliver Receives Award; 2/10/2012

Note from Beverly Hamby on Contributions to ENF; 1/17/2012

Portsmouth-Chesapeake holds Benefit for ENF & Local Charity; 9/6/2011

ENF News from Beverly Hamby, VEA ENF State Chairman; 9/5/2011

Loudoun Lodge 2011 ENF Golf Tournament Pictures; 7/15/2011

ENF News from Beverly Hamby, ENF State Chairman; 2/5/2011

Check out this recent video from the ENF; A good addition to Indoctrination?; 12/26/2010

2011 Elks Scholarship Contests Are Under Way.; 9/19/2010

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