by the Honorable Lester C. Hess, Jr. 

Past Grand Exalted Ruler

We all know them.  The members who quietly — and without seeking recognition — get things done around your Lodge.

They may show up regularly to help with Bingo.  They may wash dishes and red up after the Friday Fish Dinners.  They may greet guests at the Lodge.  They may mow the lawn and trim the hedges around the Lodge.  They may raise and lower the American Flag.  Whatever they do, you know who they are.

As kids, we all had heroes.  Some of us, as adults, still have heroes.  Your Virginia State Sponsor is one who still has heroes.  Among my heroes are those very men and women who, without fanfare and often unnoticed, go that extra mile for your Lodge.  I admire them.  I respect them.  I look up to them.

These Elks heroes deserve a pat on the back from each of us.  A heart-felt “Thank You” goes along a way.  It can come during a private one-on-one conversation.  It can come in the form of an Exalted Ruler’s Message thanking people in the Lodge newsletter.

Whatever your style, let those workers in your Lodge know their efforts are appreciated.  We all appreciate a pat on the back.  Or in Elks parlance, a Tip of the Antlers.  Those heroes in your Lodge will feel better for it.  So will you. 

                                                                                                                     Lester C. Hess, Jr.

                                                                                                                        Past Grand Exalted Ruler



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