Special Needs Campers Attendance at VEYC (Note from Bob Hinkle, PSP)

Kitty Sandy, VEYC VP, and I have agreed to help with the screening process for special needs campers. Day camp and over-night camping experiences are available for special needs campers provided the following items are met.

a) Campers are sponsored by Virginia Elks.

b) Camper's circumstances and needs are reviewed and judged as appropriate to our camp facility, programs, etc. Kitty and I will work together to see that this screening process is fulfilled.

c) All campers must be accompanied by their own helper who can see to their individual needs at all times during the camping experience.

As such, the screening and approval process involves a pair of campers, both the camper and the companion/helper.

Bob Hinkle, PSP


Kitty Sandy VEYC 3rd VP


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