Membership and Lapsation

“Life Blood of Our Order”

Mission: The Membership and Lapsation Committee should employ such means and methods, not contrary to the Laws of the Order, as may be best adapted to secure applications for membership in the Order, to increase the Lodges in the State and provide guidance necessary to the Lapsation Committees of Lodges to restore former members who have been dropped for non-payment of dues.

Rick Gathen
New!! Rick Gathen, Grand Lodge Membership/Public Relations Manager, has prepared several slide presentations that can be of use to Lodge Membership Chairs motivating Lodge members to pursue new members, encourage delinquent members to get current, and motivate former members to reinstate their memberships. To see these useful presentations, click here to go to the download page.

Grand Lodge also has a good video on the elks. To see it, go to: and choose one of the options to view the video.

If you would like to become an Elk, click here to fill out a Membership Inquiry Form online and your request will be directed to the appropriate lodge. Or if you know an Elk, ask them for a membership application.

If you are an Elk and would like to propose someone for membership, go to "Invite a Friend to Join" enter the information requested and an invitation to membership will be sent to the person.

A good source of Membership news is the Membership page on Go to for interesting news items and resource locations. To see the top recruiters in Virginia, go to for a listing of the Top 25 Proposers.

The late Frank Poole, PER, PDDGER, PSVP, created a presentation package that can be very useful in recruiting and indoctrination. Go to for this valuable resource. There are links to both a .pdf and a PowerPoint presentation.

Justin Reiter - Kimberly

Raymond E. Dameron, JR. – Elizabeth

Dana Petrak -Steven

Paul C. Shoemaker – Bonnie

Angela Batey

What's New!

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