Virginia Elks Association Past State Presidents Advisory Council Training Courses
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The Virginia Elks Association Past State Presidents Advisory Council has authorized the creation and publication of online training courses of value to VEA members. So far there are three courses available, Exalted Ruler 101 (ER 101), Lodge Secretary 101 (LS 101), and Lodge Secretary 102 (LS 102). If you would like to suggest other topics for consideration for future online courses, email the Course Administrator at Course Administrator. Meanwhile, go to the link below and try one of our courses. The courses are self guiding and you can even go back and correct your answers! After you click on the link, the login page will come up. Read the instructions on the right side, then click on "Create New Account." Once you confirm your account, you can begin the course. If you have questions or problems, email the Course Administrator. Good Luck.

VEA PSP Online Training; 10/25/2011

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