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The Virginia Elks Association is much honored that our very own Ron Hicks of Fredericksburg Lodge #875 is the endorsed candidate for Grand Exalted Ruler.† Along with this honor comes financial responsibility and we are asking you to step up to the plate.† Ronís expenses are expected to be nearly $250,000.00 above what the Grand Lodge will provide during his year in office.† He will be seeking assistance from Elks in Area 3 and 4, and from across the Country, however, as Virginia Lodges, it should be our duty to want to help in this effort as much as possible.
One of the many fundraisers will be the Grand Exalted Rulerís Special Fundraising Pin.† (Shown above to either side of Ron's photo.) The price of this pin is $100.00 and it will entitle the purchaser and spouse to attend the GER Grand Reception in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon of the Grand Lodge Convention.† This is quite a Reception and it is an honor to be able to attend.† Also, this pin is not exclusive to those attending the Grand Lodge Convention.† This will be a very collectable pin for all Virginia Elks. you can still order your pin by sending a check or money order payable to VA -

VA - E.A.G.E.R., c/o Faye Willard
11433 Franklin Hills Drive,
Rockville, VA 23146

Donations for other than pin purchases should be payable to "Treasurer, VA - E.A.G.E.R." and sent to:
Treasurer, VA - E.A.G.E.R.
PO Box 537
Fredericksburg, VA 22404-0537

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